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It's the company you keep

You're known by it; influenced by it; and supported by it. When you get involved, you'll make the most of your membership by putting your Chamber to work for you! Our selection of programs, services and events are designed to connect you with a powerful market - the leading business community of Fort Worth.

There's no other metroplex organization offering the variety, quality and frequency of networking, planning, educational and special events! From neighborhood Area Council meetings to international trade seminars, you're in touch, informed, involved and an integral part of Fort Worth's business community.

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The Fort Worth Chamber offers several membership levels to fit your company's needs and goals. Membership is open to any business anywhere that maintains an annual dues investment. Take advantage of opportunities and rewards of your Chamber membership by participating at the level that fits your budget and schedule. Like most investments, the more you put in, the more returns you'll see.

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Members with Meeting Venues

Download the Chamber's current list of members that provide a service or venue for meetings or parties. This Event Facilities List gives square footage, number of rooms, etc.

Excel version [Updated: Summer 2015]
PDF version

Chamber Members may submit or update their event venue info online:
Event Facilities Form

Note: Additions or changes are made the first week of each month.
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Reasons to Join the Chamber TODAY!

› New Business Contacts and Increased Referrals
› Economic Development information
› Legislative Action for Business Interests
› B2B Marketing through Sponsorships
› Local Business Expansion and Retention
› Small Business Development
› Promotional Opportunities to Newcomers and Visitors
› International Trade Opportunities
› Publications and Resources
› Development of Future Employees through local Educational Institutions

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