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East Area Council

East Area Council

It is the mission of the Fort Worth Chamber’s Area councils to enhance their respective geographical area by focusing on promotion of business, education and community.   The primary goals of each Area Council Board will be to identify, inform and promote the interests of their membership within the boundaries of their Area Council and within the overall program and policies of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.

The East Area of the city boasts a combination of historic roadways, business districts, and neighborhoods, along with new shopping centers and residential areas cropping up between Fort Worth and Arlington in the past 15 years. With easy access to Interstate 30 and Loop 820, it is the gateway from Dallas into Tarrant County. Texas Wesleyan University and East Lancaster corridor are part of the area’s rich history, and revitalization of Lancaster through the Main Street Project will continue to provide cultural vibrancy and economic opportunities. This prominent area includes Alcon, Coors Distribution plant, the Meals on Wheels Home Office, and Fort Woof Dog Park within Gateway Park. The East Area extends all the way to the Centreport business park near DFW Airport.

Dog Park

 Fort Woof is Fort Worth’s first off-leash dog park, an ideal place for dogs and their owners to have fun. Fort Woof has two large fenced areas for dogs to roam, a “large dog” side for dogs 40 pounds and more and a separate “small dog” side for dogs weighing less than 40 pounds. 


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July through December 2019

CHAMBER DEPARTMENT:  Business Attraction, Retention, and Expansion
CHAMBER COMMITTEE:     East Area Council Board

 Committee Size/Special
Representatives:                   10 to 20
Meeting Sequence:                Monthly
Purpose of Committee:         Engage local leaders and external agencies/associations in reaching out to the local business community; get the pulse of the East Area Council business climate by identifying successes and obstacles that businesses may be facing; address local issues that detract from a  healthy business climate in which East Area Council businesses can prosper and grow through the Business Retention and Expansion Committee, chamber staff, and other resources; demonstrate to those who have already invested in the community that they are valued and appreciated.

Priorities/Objectives/Issues for July through December 2019:

  • Organize a Business Walk for November, 2019
  • Host two networking events
  • Host a marketing workshop
  • Identify and build relationships with “Made in East Fort Worth” companies (i.e. Clarus, Allied Electronics, etc.)
  • Develop two leads groups in the East Area Council for the benefit of small businesses
  • Continue to build the Board
  • All Board members become subject matter experts for the East Area Council
  • Create East Area Council asset list
  • Coordinate with East Fort Worth Inc., East Fort Worth Business Association, Southeast Fort Worth Inc.

For more information contact:
Netty Matthews
VP Business Engagement