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Business Hall of Fame

Each year, Texas Wesleyan partners with the Fort Worth Business Press and the Fort Worth Chamber to present the Business Hall of Fame. The event recognizes an individual who has made a profound impact on the business world and promotes business as a challenging and dynamic profession. Proceeds from the event fund the Thomas H. Law Scholarship program in support of Texas Wesleyan business students. Sponsors for this year’s event include presenting sponsor Frost Bank and reception sponsors TTI, Inc. and Capital One Commercial Banking.

Past Winners:

1970 J.M. Leonard

1970 O.P. Leonard

1971 J.L West

1972 John Justin, Jr.

1973 M.J. Neeley

1974 J.C. Pace, Jr.

1975 R.E. Cox, Jr.

1976 Charles D. Tandy

1977 H.E. Chiles

1978 Richard L. Lowe

1979 A.M. Pate, Jr.

1980 Arthur Dickerson

1981 William Conner

1982 Marvin Gearhart

1983 Judson A. Cramer

1984 William T. Smith

1985 James R. Nichols

1986 Bob Bolen

1987 Thos. H. Law

1988 John V. Roach

1989 Robert L. Crandall

1990 William L. Adams

1991 Gerald Grinstein

1992 Charlie R. Hillard

1992 "King" Charlie L. Hillard

1993 Dee J. Kelly

1994 Clark A. Johnson

1995 Edgar H. Schollmaier

1996 Bayard h. Friedman

1997 Webb F. Joiner

1998 James S. Dubose

1999 Kay Granger

2000 Holt Hickman

2001 Clifton H. Morris, Jr.

2002 Marvin J. Girouard

2003 M. Hancock

2004 Robert L. Herchert

2005 Leonard H. Roberts

2006 Bob Watt

2007 Bobby R. Simpson

2008 Matthew K. Rose

2009 Vernon W. Bryant, Jr.

2010 J. Luther King, Jr.

2011 Paul Andrews

2012 Nolan Ryan

2013 Mike Berry

2014 Jon Brumley

2015 Hunter Enis

2016 Joan Trew and Martha Williams

2017 Paul Dorman

2018 John C. Goff