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Chamber Leadership

Chamber Leadership

The Fort Worth Chamber Nominating Committee puts forth 16 community and business leaders as nominees for incoming directors to serve three-year terms beginning April 1, which coincides with the Chamber's fiscal year. The Nominating Committee consists of the present chair, president, past three chairs as well as three at-large members of the board with the immediate past chairman serving as chair of the committee.

If there are no signed petitions received from at least 25 Fort Worth Chamber members within 10 days of notifying the membership via mail, email or newsletter, the aforementioned nominees, as presented by the Nominating Committee, will be elected to the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors at the April board meeting.

Chamber Officers
Allyson Baumeister
Allyson Baumeister, Chairman

Principal in Charge
CLA Fort Worth
801 Cherry St., Suite 1400
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Lonnie Nicholson
Lonnie Nicholson, Vice Chair

1617 W. 7th Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Martin Noto
Martin Noto, Treasurer

President/CEO – Fort Worth Region
First Financial Bank
1000 Forest Park Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76110

Bill Thornton
Bill Thornton

President and CEO
Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce
777 Taylor St. Ste 900
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Board of Directors

The Fort Worth Chamber’s Board of Directors is comprised of 48 elected members, one-third of whom are elected annually to serve a three year term. These individuals are members in good standing of the Chamber, or are representatives of a company or organization in good standing with the chamber. The board also includes the Chamber’s executive committee.

Advisory Council

The Fort Worth Chamber’s Advisory Council is comprised of all past chairmen of the board currently residing in Tarrant County.  Members of the advisory council are invited to all board and executive committee meetings and have the right to vote at those meetings.

Ex-Officio Members of the Board

Ex-Officio Members of the Board are given an honorary, non-voting position on the board due to their professional role within the community.  The Chamber’s ex-officio directors is comprised of Fort Worth’s mayor and city manager, business leaders in both the public and private sector, presidents and chancellors of regional universities and colleges, chairmen of fellow Fort Worth chambers, the sitting Tarrant County judge and the commanding officer of the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base.

Executive Committee

The Fort Worth Chamber’s Executive Committee consists of the Chamber chairperson, vice chairperson, president and secretary/treasurer, as well as those chairing all Chamber standing committees and area councils, and the Chamber’s immediate past chairperson.

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