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What is the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce?

The Fort Worth Chamber is a 501(c)6 nonprofit that is North Texas’ largest business membership organization, representing more than 2,100 member companies. Since 1882, the Chamber has been committed to making Fort Worth the best place to live, work and play.

What does the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce do?

The Fort Worth Chamber looks to grow Fort Worth and its member companies in a variety of ways

  • Membership efforts – As the region’s largest chamber, the Fort Worth Chamber has many opportunities to help you and your business reach the next level.
  • Economic Development efforts – The chamber acts as the marketing arm for Fort Worth to attract new companies like Facebook to the area, resulting in new developments and jobs. In 2014, more than $307 million of development and 2,675 jobs were added to Fort Worth thanks to the Chamber’s efforts
  • Influence – the Chamber represents businesses at the local, state, and national level on legislative issues that affect member companies, so you can focus on building your business.
  • Strong Workforce – Developing a workforce that’s suited to the unique challenges of the 21st century is essential to your business and Fort Worth. Through a variety of programs, the chamber works with school districts, institutions of higher education and local businesses to make sure that we have access to a workforce that is ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

How is the Chamber leadership structured, and how is it operated on a day to day basis?

The Fort Worth Chamber is governed by the Fort Worth Chamber’s Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and Standing Committees.

The Fort Worth Chamber Staff, 30+ individuals in several departments, keep the events, development, and betterment of Fort Worth moving forward on a daily basis

I just started my business... What's the Next Step?

The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce is a great way to grow your business, build your network, increase visibility, etc.  If you’re not even sure where to begin, consider the following resources:

Are there any requirements to join?

All it takes is a completed application, investment of first year dues, and board approval to become active with the Chamber!

Does my company need to be located in Fort Worth to join?

Not at all! We have Chamber members throughout this region and even some outside of the State of Texas. As long as you do business, or simply want to be involved with Fort Worth, your company can be a member

How much is membership?

There are seven different levels of membership available, depending on the level of access and influence you want to pursue. Our standard membership starts at $499 annually, with levels increasing up to $150K.

Is there a discounted rate for nonprofits?

While we don’t offer discounted rates for nonprofits, the Chamber will waive all application fees and employee counts when joining, keeping the financial investment required as low as possible, leaving more funds to impact the community.

How do I get involved in a Chamber leads group?

Our Chamber Leads Groups are open to any Chamber member, and each group only has one slot available per industry. Groups meet at different times and locations, so in order to find which group works for you, contact the leaders directly.

How do I get involved in an Area Council?

Area Councils are your pathway to Chamber engagement. When you join the chamber you will automatically become a member of the Area Council that your business is located in.