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Small Business of the Year Award Recipients

Small Business of the Year Award Recipients

Emerging Business Category

Site Barricades
Jeff Schuessler, Co-Owner; Ben Wallace, Co-Owner

Site Barricades is a full-service traffic control company that specializes in maintaining the safety of workers, their employees and the traveling public through construction zones and special events.  They opened November 2014, and in the span of less than three years, have established themselves as a leader in traffic control throughout North Texas. They pride themselves in customer focus, maintaining a high-level of employee morale, and recognizing the importance of social responsibility with the community. These three principles guided them to their present success and will serve as a beacon for future success. in Fort Worth.

1-10 Employees Category Business Category

The Paisley Heart, LLC
Brooke Howerton, Owner

The Paisley Heart brings affordable and unique boutique women’s clothing straight to your phone and/or computer taking the legwork out of a physical shopping trip.  Maintaining a personal and intimate environment is key to continued success, as word of mouth is the best advertisement.  They want women to feel like they went shopping with their best girlfriends and that they have experienced something they cannot wait to talk about and share with others. They were proud to be named “Best Women’s Fashion Store” of 2017 in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s “FortWorthy” contest.

11-50 Employees Category

Pointwise, Inc.
John R. Chawner, President; Richard J. Matus, Ph.D., John P. Steinbrenner, Ph.D., Executive Vice Presidents 

Pointwise writes engineering software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), a “virtual wind tunnel” that simulates the flow of fluid through or around objects ranging from artificial heart pumps to wind turbines and the F-35 aircraft.  Pointwise focuses on CFD’s most costly component:  mesh generation, creating the digital version of the object.  The International Meshing Roundtable has recognized Pointwise three times with their “Meshing Maestro” award.  Seven magazine covers have featured customers’ use of their software.  One of their meshes appeared on a U.S. postage stamp.  



51-150 Employees Category

BorrowWorks, LLC
Benjamin Gatzke, CEO 

BorrowWorks, LLC helps banks and other lenders make better lending decisions through data and technology.  With more than $100 million in loan decisions managed, they have helped their clients launch new products in challenging regulatory and consumer credit environments.  They have helped create consumer access to credit that banks to-date have not been good at providing – credit that is much needed in today’s economy.  They employ smart, driven people and empower their creativity in innovation while driving growth that meets the high compliance standards of their partners.