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Blue Zones Project

Improving Well-Being in Fort Worth

Blue Zones Project® is a community-led well-being improvement initiative designed to help make healthier choices easier in Fort Worth. The city is currently working to become a certified Blue Zones® Community. The project is funded by Texas Health Resources, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and other major Fort Worth employers, with strong support from the City of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. A vital part of Fort Worth’s Healthiest City initiative, Blue Zones Project encourages changes to our community that lead to healthier options. When our entire community participates — from worksites and schools to restaurants and grocery stores — the small changes contribute to huge benefits for all of us: lowered healthcare costs, improved productivity, and ultimately, a higher quality of life for those who live, work, and play in our city.

Blue Zones Approved Organizations

Organizations that put best practices in place and complete the Blue Zones Project Worksite Pledge become Blue Zones Project Approved™ Worksites. Many Chamber of Commerce members have already committed to improving well-being in Fort Worth and  have completed the Worksite Pledge, making healthy choices easier for their employees

Some of the best practices these organizations have added to their existing wellness programs include:

Help Your Employees Live Better

Making sustainable changes that promote well-being is good for the community and for your business. Join the movement to improve well-being in Fort Worth by becoming a Blue Zones Project Approved™ Worksite, Restaurant or Organization.  Employees who feel their best perform their best and have lower healthcare costs. Click here for instructions on becoming Blue Zones Project Approved. 

City Efforts

Evidence shows that the shape and form of the built environment in our neighborhoods and cities may impact various trends in public health, including rising obesity levels. Together with the City of Fort Worth, Blue Zones Project is working to improve the safety of our streets for all users, abilities and ages by assuring Complete Street policies are adopted.

Complete Streets support active transportation, improving bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure to encourage people to move naturally. Blue Zones Project’s mission is to make healthy choices easier but recognizes that lack of healthy food options is prevalent in some neighborhoods. By enhancing city policies -- such as allowing produce carts and mobile fresh markets and expanding the urban agriculture ordinance --  we can remove barriers thus facilitating the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables for all residents.

Blue Zone Project 9 Ad- Bill

Bill Thornton, president and CEO of the Fort Worth Chamber, has kept a closer eye on what he's eating and changed his habits gradually in order to guard his health. In that time, he's focused on adding more fruits and vegetables to his meals and has completely replaced sweet desserts with fresh fruit. His favorite fruits are strawberries, blueberries and bananas and he's found ways to make them a tasty part of his meal planning. While Bill doesn't consider himself a perfect eater (nor does he want others to think he's saying be like me) he understands how influential good habits can be and the significant impact they can have on the business community. When we have a healthier community, we have healthier businesses. He cited positive attitudes, higher productivity, lower healthcare costs and happiness as some of the positives of healthy employees. Bill sees the bigger picture in the BZP and remarked at how great it would be (from a marketing standpoint) to show a systemic improvement in all the well-being categories they're testing in Fort Worth.

Read more about the Blue Zone Project Power 9.

Take the Pledge

Make a commitment to your own well-being by learning more about Blue Zones Project, participating in a Blue Zones Project activity, and taking the Blue Zones® Personal Pledge.  By making small changes in your own environment – and following the Power 9® principles practiced by those who have lived the longest -- you can add years to your life – and life to your years.

Learn more about how you can help Fort Worth become a certified Blue Zones community.

Take the pledge and help Fort Worth become a Blue Zones Community.