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                                     General Audience Makeup: Business and C-Suite executives,
                                      elected officials, media, regional partners, chamber members

                                                             LEGISLATIVE POWER HOUR SERIES

        This series of 2 events features the opportunity to interact with elected officials or
        policy experts in an intimate setting, including Q&A and candid conversation.

                  PRESENTING                        PLATINUM                             FALL &

                    $10,000                                                            WINTER 2021
             (FIDELITY INVESTMENTS)                   $6,000

                                                                               ONLINE OFFICE HOURS

        Gather around the virtual table to learn, grow and connect with other business owners
        and employees. Topics are chosen based on timliness and relevancy to companies,
        specifically in each area council of the Fort Worth region and small businesses.

                   PRESENTING                           GOLD                                                          of the program. Sponsor benefits listed on page 13. Signature events include additional benefits.  *In the event that we cannot meet in-person, we will shift this sponsorship level to another part
                      $3,500                           $2,000                            QUARTERLY

                                                                               MEMBER CONNECTIONS

        Expand your network by welcoming new businesses to the Chamber, staying up to
        date on our resources and how to get the full value for your membership, and interact
        with fellow members in 1-on-1 and group networking opportunities.

                  PRESENTING                           GOLD
                     $3,500                           $2,000
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