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        Named after the late Susan Halsey who                      Initiated in 1975, the Spirit of Enterprise
        served as Chairman of the Fort Worth                       Award recognizes local companies that
        Chamber  Board  in  2013,  Susan  Halsey                   have  made  significant  contributions  to
        Executive Leadership Award honors                          the development of our community. The
        leadership excellence in business in the                   recipient is selected for its contributions
        Fort Worth area. It recognizes presidents,                 to the advancement and prosperity of
        principals  or  chief  executive  officers  for            the city, as well as its commitment to
        devoting time and energy to strengthen                     the preservation of the American private
        and transform the organization they lead.                  enterprise system.

        This  award is  presented at  a Chamber                    This award is presented at the Chamber’s
        event.                                                     Annual Meeting.

             PRESENTING          $6,750 (JACKSON WALKER)                PRESENTING           $15,000 (BNSF RAILWWAY)

                     VANDERGRIFF AWARD                              FORTE AWARD (SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR)

        The Vandergriff Award is presented annually                The Forte Award (Small Business of
        to a legacy individual or organization whose               the Year)  recognizes small  businesses
        contributions  have and will continue to                   demonstrating  exemplary “Best Practices”
        positively impact Tarrant County on a                      of entrepreneurship, such as sound business
        national scale. The Vandergriff Award was                  planning,  fiscal  responsibility  and  work
        established in 2011 in memory of the late                  process innovation in operating their
        Tarrant County Judge Tom Vandergriff.                      business.

        This award is presented at the State of the                The Forte Award will be presented at the
        County event in the fall.                                  Small Business Summit in 2021.

             PRESENTING          $5,500 (SIMMONS BANK)                  PRESENTING          $10,000 (BANK OF TEXAS)

                                                                          PLATINUM                  $5,000

                                                                            GOLD                    $3,500

                                                                           SILVER                   $2,500

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