Starting in January 2019 the City of Fort Worth will be offering an expedited plan review service for building permit review. This service will allow developers and others seeking a building permit to schedule a meeting with a plan review team and their design professionals within two weeks of submitting a complete set plans, address any issues identified on the spot and potentially issue a building permit in one sitting. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to have all design professionals in attendance to make any necessary corrections. Expedited plan review will be available for projects of all sizes, commercial and residential.

The multi-disciplinary staff team providing expedited plan review service, the X-Team, will consist of four Sr. Plans Examiners (building, electrical, mechanical/plumbing and zoning), an Engineering Tech II, a Coordinator, and a Sr. Customer Service Representative. Partner development reviewing departments such as Code Compliance-Health, Water, Fire, TPW- Stormwater and Traffic will review the plans during the two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.

X-Team reviews can be performed on projects with final plats recorded, all engineering and infrastructure approved, appropriate zoning in place and any necessary variances or Certificates of Appropriateness obtained. Applicants requesting an X-Team review will pay all associated building permit fee plus an additional fee of $1,000 per hour for the duration of the meeting, with a two hour meeting minimum. Applications for X-Team plan review appointments will be available beginning January 2. For more information, visit the Fort Worth City Hall website. 


If you have questions about the X-Team please contact Allison Gray at