In the U.S., every new decade is ushered in with the Census. This year, a complete count is more important than ever. In Texas alone, a 1% undercount could cost our state $300 million annually. These are dollars that won’t go toward hunger and housing programs, education and transportation.

We Need Your Help

With no designated state funding, a group of community leaders around the state, including the North Texas Commission, are taking a leadership role in ensuring a complete count. But, that can’t be done without your help.

As a leader in our community, we need you to spread the word and tell your employees, customers, and colleagues to Get out the Count.

Here’s how:

Be an advocate. Check out our toolkit for downloadable videos, letters, and infographics in English and Spanish. These tools are free for you to share with your networks.

Invite the North Texas Commission to speak. The North Texas Commission welcomes the opportunity to speak with your company or civic groups about the Census. Click here to complete their speaker request form.

Host a Census event. Want to host an event at your workplace? Click here to find out how.