Early voting begins October 21st and ends November 1st! Election day is November 5th.

The following propositions are on the ballot:
These amendments are changes to the Texas Constitution and require a majority vote to be approved.

Prop 1 would allow for a municipal judge to hold office in more than one municipality at the same time.

Prop 2 would allow for the Texas Water Development Board to issue bonds (not exceeding $200 M) to provide financial assistance for the economically distressed areas program.

Prop 3 would make a region eligible for property tax exemption, once a disaster area is declared by the Governor.

Prop 4 would prohibit the state from imposing an individual income tax.

Prop 5 would allow the full revenue gained from the Sporting Good Sales Tax to be directed to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission. This does not increase state sales tax.

Prop 6 would increase funding for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas by $3 B (using bonds).

Prop 7 would increase funds for the available school fund from $300 M to $600 M.

Prop 8 would allow for the Texas Water Development Board to create a flood infrastructure fund.

Prop 9 would allow for precious metals to be tax exempt when held in a Texas depository.

Prop 10 would allow for the transfer of law enforcement animals to caretakers.

REMINDER: Vote anywhere in Tarrant County for early voting and Election Day!

Find more information regarding the Texas Constitutional Amendments here.