Dear Lt. Governor Patrick,

For decades, Texas has been a magnet for business investment, job creation and a strong, diverse workforce because of the pro-growth environment created by state policy makers.

As CEOs of Dallas-based businesses, we’re writing to express our concern that the so-called “bathroom bill” that the Texas legislature is considering would seriously hurt the state’s ability to attract new businesses, investment and jobs. Our companies are competing every day to bring the best and brightest talent to Dallas. To that end, we strongly support diversity and inclusion. This legislation threatens our ability to attract and retain the best talent in Texas, as well as the greatest sporting and cultural attractions in the world.

We appreciate your leadership in ensuring that Texas continues to be a model for public policies that create a climate for economic growth and job creation that’s second to none.


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For more information, contact Matt Geske — the Chamber’s Vice President of Government Affairs.

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