Did You Know?

  • There are 292,699 adults over the age of 25 living in Tarrant County with some college, but no degree.
  • There are over 170,000 college students in the Fort Worth region.
  • 19.0% of adults over 25 have a bachelor’s degree in Fort Worth, compared to 24.3% in Nashville, 28.4% in Denver, and 30.8% in Austin.
    • Fort Worth was ranked #50 among best cities for recent college graduates, by Nerdwallet.
  • 6.7% of adults over 25 have an associate’s degree in Fort Worth, compared to 6.5% in Nashville, 5.3% in Denver, and 8.2% in Austin.
  • The occupations with the largest talent gaps in the Fort Worth region are healthcare, management, business and finance, construction, education, and information technology.

January Talent Activities

Fortify Goal 1

  • 5% increase in the percentage of population age 25 and older with bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees, and other postsecondary credentials
    • Convene groups to identify barriers to completion
      • Creation of College Completion Committee
      • Creation of Quality of Place Committee
      • Planning State of Higher Education event
    • Local College Graduate Retention work
      • Promoting current solutions
        • Increasing student recruitment with local corporations
          • Planning career services panel for April Impact Your Business Luncheon
          • Partnering with TCU ROXO student marketing organization on developing local college student/graduate retention campaign
    • Investor Calls

      The Chamber’s Dr. Tony Edwards and Brandom Gengelbach met with Texas Wesleyan University President Fred Slabach.

      • Texas Wesleyan University Campus Tour
      • Meeting with UT Arlington Deans
      • Conversation with TAMU School of Law
      • Conversation with UNT Provost
      • Conversation with UNTHSC Provost
      • Conversation with UNT Dean
      • Visited TCU class about Talent class project

Fortify Goal 2

  • 10% increase in the talent supply in targeted industries
    • Investor calls
      • Creation of Talent Committee
      • Meeting with Talent Committee Chair about talent strategy
      • Meeting with Whitney Smith Company about talent strategy
      • Attended DFW Regional Aerospace Consortium Meeting at Elbit Systems of America
      • Meeting with Sundt Construction and TCCD about promoting skilled trades
    • Talent scorecard
      • Developing scorecard of lead indicators
      • Developing Regional Workforce and Education Snapshots
      • Presented Talent Goals and scorecard data at VIP Investor Breakfast
    • Promoting current solutions
      • Employer Toolkit
        • Studying toolkits from Nashville Chamber and US Chamber
      • Model Employer Campaign
        • Studying City of Philadelphia Campaign
      • Training on JobsEQ (workforce and education data)
    • Developing industry sector partnerships
      • Scheduling February meeting to develop a healthcare industry sector partnership
    • Marketing Fort Worth as a talent destination
      • SxSW event

        The Chamber represents Fort Worth at SXSW in 2018.

      • Meeting with Chamber staff about incorporating Vision FW (young professionals) into talent strategy
    • Other activities
      • Met with Chamber staff about communicating Talent efforts
      • Call with counterpart at Charlotte Regional Chamber

January Quality of Place Activities

Fortify Goal 1

  • Increase affordable and workforce housing units by 20%
    • Assemble stakeholders; understand and map current efforts
      • Conversation with Fort Worth Housing Solutions about affordable housing
      • Conversation with Housing Channel about workforce housing

Fortify Goal 2

  • Decrease poverty rate by 10%
    • Assemble stakeholders; understand and map current programs
      • Met with Quality of Place Committee Chair
      • Attended Child Care Associates Community Reception
      • Preparation for Public School Finance Event
      • Preparation for Quality of Place Summit
      • Attended Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Directors Meeting
    • Quality of Place scorecard
      • Developing scorecard with lead indicators for quality of place
    • Met with Chamber staff about communicating Quality of Place efforts

Talent and Quality of Place News

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