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Distinguished Employers of Fort Worth Teens

The Distinguished Employers of Fort Worth Teens (DEFWT) is a formal pledge made by employers that they will practice specific supportive behaviors to help students create a balance between school and work so that they are successful at both. 

Some examples include :

  •  Providing incentives and recognition at work for students’ performance in school
  •  Insisting on school enrollment for school-age teens
  •  Arranging student schedules with flexibility to allow for school events or test days
  •  Limiting student employment to no later than 10 p.m. on school nights

The Chamber developed and launched this program in 2007 to implement the FWISD Project Prevail school completion initiative, and because 25 percent of Fort Worth teens are employed while in high school.  The DEFWT program is guided by a Leaders Council of selected employers in the major industry sectors where students work. Some 94 employers in 413 locations have become involved, employing more than 2,500 youth.

Information on eligibility and employer benefits can be found in the DEFWT fact sheet.  If your company is interested in receiving the "Distinguished Employer of Fort Worth Teens" recognition, please fill out the brief application.

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