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Education Progress Reports

What are Education Progress Reports?

Education progress reports provide snapshot data to help local business leaders, site selectors, parents, and community stakeholders understand how school districts are performing and how their performance changes over time. The Chambers of Commerce in Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee provide similar reports.

How did you get this information?

The Texas Education Agency recently released an A-F rating system for school districts. Most of the data we included can be found at If you want more details on how a specific school district is performing, is a great place to start.

Fort Worth is focused on third grade reading performance, but I don’t see that in the progress reports. Why?

Our reports are intended to complement the dashboard provided by Read Fort Worth. We didn’t want to duplicate information found in those reports. We encourage you to review the dashboard at

Why so many data points for college and career readiness?

Our strategic goals for talent are increasing the percentage of our workforce with postsecondary credentials and increasing our talent supply in target industries by 2021. College and career readiness programs are the part of the K12 system that will impact those goals most significantly.

I think our district’s percentage of high school graduates enrolling in college by the fall after graduation is higher than the number in the report.

This percentage is calculated from data from The data include the number of students for which there was no associated college and the number of students listed as not trackable. School districts may very well be able to collect information about both groups of students. It’s also possible that the percentage school districts use is calculated differently than the way the data was calculated for the education progress reports.

Is this information meant to reinforce the narrative condemning public schools?

Quite the opposite. This is the first year of the A-F rating system. In future years, the plan is to show data for the current and previous year, which should show improvement. Also the name Education Progress Reports conveys that we want to be able to highlight progress in K12 education.

The A-F accountability system isn’t perfect and doesn’t tell the whole story of what’s happening in our schools?

We agree. Please share with us news about how your district is preparing students for college and career success.

Whose responsibility is it to improve the educational outcomes in this report?

Everyone. As the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, we see it as our responsibility to let the business community know what’s happening in education and how businesses can partner with school districts to prepare our community’s students for college and career success. While the data are presented at the district level, we all have a role to play in building schools that prepare our future workforce.

How can I help improve K12 education?
  • Ask your local district what are doing and what they plan to do to improve the numbers in their education progress report AND how you can help.
  • Serve on district committees.
  • Serve on campus site-based decision making committees.
  • Attend school board meetings.
  • Offer your worksite for student internships and/or teacher externships.
  • Offer to provide industry examples for curriculum.
  • Volunteer at a campus.


2018 Reports

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Arlington ISD
Azle ISD
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Carroll ISD
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Chapel Hill Academy
Crowley ISD
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD
East Fort Worth Montessori Academy
Everman ISD
Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts
Fort Worth ISD
Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
High Point Academy
Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD
Keller ISD
Kennedale ISD
Lake Worth ISD
Mansfield ISD
Newman International Academy of Arts
Northwest ISD
Texas School of the Arts
Treetops School International
Westlake Academy Charter School
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