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What is included in the Newcomer's Packet?

The Chamber is pleased to offer a Newcomer's Packet. It includes our Newcomer's Guide (a glossy full color magazine), a full-scale street map of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, Education information, economic statistical report, and some other general information on the area.

How much does a Newcomer's Packet cost?
The packet cost is $4.00 for the packet, $.33 for the tax (Texas residents only), and $6.50 for the shipping and handling. The total is $10.83. If you would like to pick up one packet in person, there is no charge. For multiple packets, call 817-338-3332.

How do I order a Newcomer's Packet or another publication?

Visit our Online Publication Store
Visit Our Chamber Offices (including maps & directions)
By Mail: Send an order, a check (including tax and shipping), and your phone number to:
Publications Department
Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce
777 Taylor St., Suite 900
Fort Worth, TX 76102 

How can I get a phone book?
The Fort Worth Chamber does not supply local telephone directories. To order one, please call AT&T directly at 1-800-792-2665.

I am looking for a company located in Fort Worth.
If you need to find a specific company or type of company, please consult our online member directory, which lists more than 2,000 members of the Chamber. If the company is not a Chamber member, you will find their contact information in the yellow pages. If you're looking for a specific company and can't find them in our member directory or in the Yellow Pages, the company may have gone out of business or be operating under a different name.

How is Dallas different from Fort Worth?
The population of Fort Worth is 741, 206 while Dallas is 1.3 million. The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex is located in the North Texas region with 6.7 million. Fort Worth, 45 miles west of Dallas, is the second largest city in DFW and the 16th largest city in the USA. Fort Worth is known for a rich western heritage and as a "big city with a small-town feel" highlighted by the friendliness of our residents, which comprise a blend of diverse populations and cultures. Fort Worth boasts a nationally top ranked zoo, world class museum district, a renowned opera house (Bass Performance Hall), the Historic Stockyards District, Sundance Square, Texas Motor Speedway and many other spectacular locales and events.

Do you have information on jobs?
Yes, several websites offer job information. You can check out any of the following on line.

How is the mass transit system?
Our mass transit system is called Trinity Metro, which operates the bus system and commuter light rail system, The Trinity Railway Express. Fort Worth is well-served in the city center, but most surrounding suburbs do not have bus service. Personal auto travel is the most common form of transportation in Fort Worth. For a bus and rail schedule, contact:

Trinity Metro
Administrative office:
801 Cherry Street, Ste 850
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

How much house can I buy for my buck?
Fort Worth is a very affordable place to call home. In 2006, Moody’s named Fort Worth one of the best values in the United States. For more information on how we rank against other cities for cost of living, visit:

Why is there an I-35 E and I-35 W? What’s the difference?
If you look at a map of the area, I-35 splits into an east and west section in Denton, Texas, roughly 30 miles north of the DFW metroplex. Then it rejoins in Hillsboro, Texas, roughly 30 miles south of the Metroplex. Therefore, I-35 East runs north/south through Dallas and I-35 West runs north/south through Fort Worth. Click the link below to see a map.

How hot/cold does it get there? Do you get snow? Don’t you get a lot of tornados?
Fort Worth has a moderate climate. Spring and fall are mild, summers are hot and winters are cool with occasional periods of both warm and cold weather. Thunderstorms occur somewhere in the region an average of 45 days per year. Fort Worth averages 29 inches of rain and 3 inches of snowfall annually. Fort Worth is not at risk for hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, blizzards or catastrophic fires and floods. Although tornados are not frequent, we are on the southernmost tip of what is known as “Tornado Alley.”

I am thinking about starting a business. How do I do that?
The city of Fort Worth has a Business Assistance department to assist you. Their website is and their phone number is 817-871-6001. Several classes on starting a business and general information about doing business in Fort Worth are offered. The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce coordinates Fast Trac classes on starting and growing a business. Click here to learn more.