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Vision Fort Worth Steering Committee

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Members of the Steering Committee must be Vision FW members in good standing. Members qualify to apply for committee positions after ninety (90) days of membership. Committee applicants must submit an application to the Vision FW Steering Committee for approval, as well as the approval of The Vision FW staff. Committee members must make every effort to attend all Vision FW sponsored events. Committee members are required to pay membership dues annually as well as pay for events carrying a charge.The chairperson is appointed by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. The term limit for the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson is two years.

Each position on the Steering Committee has a two-year term. All terms begin January 1st and end December 31st.


Meetings will be held on the last Monday of each month beginning at 5:00 pm unless otherwise noted. Notice of all meetings or any changes in meeting schedule will be provided to Steering Committee members at least 5 days prior to the meeting date(s). In addition, each sub-committee will meet monthly or as determined.

Election Procedures

Prior to each new fiscal year, the Steering Committee shall meet at a date and time determined by the Steering Committee for the purpose of filling upcoming vacancies. The names of all nominees shall be submitted to and voted upon by the Steering Committee for election to the Committee. New Committee members will be announced in November and will officially begin their term on January 1st.


The Steering Committee has four sub-committees that meet monthly to meet the objectives of the organization. Steering Committee members will each serve on one Sub-Committee.

Community Outreach Sub-Committee

The Community Outreach Sub-Committee will work directly with the Talent and Quality of Place initiatives at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. This sub-committee will assist with attracting and retaining young professionals, especially local college graduates, and coordinating Vision’s volunteer opportunities in the community.

Marketing Sub-Committee

The Marketing Sub-Committee will develop and execute a strategic marketing plan for Vision FW. Committee members will assist with maintaining a clear brand identity, web site development and content, and program/event marketing in cooperation with the chamber of commerce. This committee will develop the lines of communication between Vision FW and its members.

Events Sub-Committee

The Events Sub-Committee will assist the Director of Vision FW in developing and planning programs and events. Committee members will plan a blend of leadership, social and volunteer opportunities to accommodate the broad interests of the membership and support the mission of Vision FW.

Member Engagement Sub-Committee

The Member Engagement Sub-Committee shall assist with the primary development of strategies to attract and retain Vision FW members and corporate sponsors. Committee members will implement membership benefits, recruit individuals and companies for organizational support and growth, and execute programs to maximize corporate involvement.