Talent Development, Attraction & Retention


Engage businesses, educational entities, governments and the community to develop, attract and retain a quality workforce for current and future economic growth.

Through the Talent pillar, help position the profile of Fort Worth as an international city.

Through the Talent pillar, help enhance our community's assets to improve its attractiveness and livability.

Annual goals

Support talent development in Fort Worth through an industry demand driven approach.

Internally and externally promote the Fort Worth region as a talent destination.

Support Fort Worth and regional ISD’s with early reading, middle school math or college/career readiness initiatives.

Achieve annual Quality of Place goals around poverty.

Develop retention program to increase number of local college graduates that stay in Fort Worth.

Begin to identify top talent challenges through a report card.

Goals through 2021

Increase by 5% the population of age 25 and over with a bachelor’s degree.

Increase by 5% the percentage of population age 25 and over with a postsecondary degree or certification.

Increase by 10% the talent supply in targeted industries.

Decrease by 10% the percent of population living in poverty.