Kyle Jacobson

Vice President
Government Relations & Business Intelligence

Kyle Jacobson joined the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce in January 2023. In his role, Kyle leads the Chamber's government affairs efforts and business intelligence initiatives. Kyle is instrumental in working with the FWC Governmental Affairs Committee on key policy issues to implement a Biennial Local Legislative Agenda for the Texas Legislature.

Before joining the Fort Worth Chamber, Kyle worked on several successful campaigns for the Texas House of Representatives and the 19th Congressional District of Texas prior to joining the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce where he served in various Government Relations roles.

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration degree, both from Texas Tech University. He currently serves on the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition’s Texas State Advisory Committee and is a 2022 graduate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organization (IOM).

His favorite part about his role at the Fort Worth Chamber is visiting with members about issues that impact their bottom line, and working toward solutions to help businesses and employees excel!

Kyle and his best friend Sabine have been married for five years, and enjoy spending time with their one-year-old daughter.

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