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The Chamber's Governent Affairs arm champions Fort Worth's quality of life and busiess community with advocacy on local, state and federal levels.


Our Community Our Future 2018 Bond Election

The City’s six bond propositions address needed improvements for streets, parks & recreation, fire safety, libraries, additional animal care shelter, and police protection.

The Water District’s bond proposition will allow matching federal and state funds to help complete the current Trinity River channel rerouting project over the next ten years. This is critical as the river’s current flood control levee system was designed for our population back in 1960, which has since tripled causing a dangerous amount of runoff flow into the Trinity River. This project will also restore land for community use that is currently either in the flood plain and/or has been unusable due to past environmental contamination.

Together, these two bond packages are a win-win for our neighborhoods, local economy and local quality of life.  The Our Community Our Future campaign is proud to support them.

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Federal Issues
The D.C. Fly-In 2018

The Fort Worth and Dallas Regional Chambers took our bi-annual business member delegation to Washington D.C. to meet with key congressional and administration officials April 16 -17. Topics on the itinerary included tax reform, immigration, infrastructure, health care and trade.

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State Issues

Texas Metro 8 Chamber Leadership Meeting with Gov. Abbott, January 2017

Elected Officials

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For more information contact:
Matt Geske
Vice President Government Affairs
Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce