The City of Fort Worth's Economic Development Department recently tapped the Fort Worth Chamber to initiate a youth cosmetology field trip with the vision to inspire and educate young female students in entrepreneurship and cosmetology career paths. With a shared goal of fostering education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship, this unique initiative showcased the city's commitment to nurturing its budding talents.  

The core of the event revolved around showcasing the resources available to young entrepreneurs within the city. Representatives from the City of Fort Worth's small business resources were on hand to discuss the steps necessary to create and manage a hair salon or business. The students were introduced to mentorship programs, financial organization strategies, and vital community connections that could aid them throughout their entrepreneurial journey.  

The students were part of the “Next Level Cosmetology for Kids” program, which is spearheaded by local trailblazer, CC the Great Chakina Watkins. The program offers students a holistic approach to their education, focusing not only on the technical skills of cosmetology but also on essential life skills. The program emphasizes areas such as mental health, self-esteem, self-awareness, hygiene, and financial literacy—all within the context of the cosmetology field. CC the Great's innovative program showcases the potential for blending personal growth and entrepreneurship in an impactful way.  

As the field trip concluded, the impact was undeniable. The young participants left with a newfound sense of purpose and direction, armed with knowledge, connections, and inspiration to pursue their dreams.  

By bringing together passionate students, local business leaders, and supportive resources, the event showcased the power of collaboration in shaping the future workforce of Fort Worth's. 

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