The Fort Worth Chamber (FWC) and Southeast Fort Worth Inc. recently joined forces to conduct a business walk in Southeast Fort Worth in support of efforts towards the Fort Worth Main Street  Program, a local program that partners with a national organization, Main Street America whose aim is to support local organizations & neighborhood stakeholders - giving them the tools to revitalize their downtowns and commercial districts. 

This initiative aims to revitalize the area's economic landscape and quality of life through a grassroots community development framework that includes trainings for stakeholders, and catalyst funding for the initial projects identified through a community-created strategy and staffer for the area. The business walk conducted in Polytechnic Heights of Southeast Fort Worth serves as a crucial step in this endeavor, providing valuable insights into the needs and challenges faced by local business owners. By engaging with business owners, the partnership seeks to identify opportunities for growth, support local entrepreneurship, and foster vibrant communities. 

Martha Leigh Collins, Revitalization Coordinator for the City of Fort Worth, was glad to hear of the collaboration. “The success of Main Street’s approach is largely based on the participation of the local community and businesses, and active partnerships from organizations being willing to come together to support them.  This partnership with the Fort Worth Chamber and SEFW Inc. is an exciting example of the kinds of collaborations needed to propel economic vitality through small business support – which is key to fostering the well-being of both our local communities and their business districts.”

The Fort Worth Chamber, Southeast Fort Worth Inc. and the City of Fort Worth took the opportunity to express their appreciation for the businesses operating in the Fort Worth Polytechnic area. These companies play a vital role in the local economy, contributing to job creation, innovation, and community growth. The FWC and the City recognize their hard work, dedication, and investment in the Fort Worth community, and they aim to continue fostering a supportive business environment in the region. 

FWC East Area Board member and owner of East Fort Worth-based Black Coffee, Mia Moss, has been actively involved in the Main Street America Initiative. "I am proud to be actively involved in the Main Street America Initiative. I believe in the transformative power of this initiative and its ability to attract residents, visitors, and businesses to Southeast Fort Worth. Together, we can build a stronger, more prosperous community."  

The collaboration between the Fort Worth Chamber and Southeast Fort Worth Inc for the Polytechnic Main Street Program marks a significant step toward revitalizing Southeast Fort Worth's commercial districts. Through their joint efforts, these organizations aim to identify opportunities for growth, support local businesses, and create vibrant communities.  

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