Texas Budget Highlights 2024-2025

Texas legislators have one constitutional duty every other year when the Legislature is in session: pass a budget. This biennium’s budget process featured operating with a historic surplus of more than $30 billion, generating robust debate on how to best spend those resources. The final version eclipsed 1,000 pages, so here are some highlights of what is included in the 2024-2025 budget.


  • $5 billion for construction, maintenance and modernization of dispatchable electric generating facilities
  • $5 billion for highway planning and design; $2.5 billion from federal funds, $2.5 billion in the State Highway Fund
  • $1.5 billion for the Texas Broadband Infrastructure fund, pending voter approval
  • $1 billion for the Texas Water Fund, pending voter approval
  • $625 million for the Flood Infrastructure Fund


  • $5 billion for public education funding, contingent on enactment of legislation
  • $5 billion for retired teachers
    • $3.4 billion for a cost-of-living adjustment
    • $1.6 billion for a one-time supplemental “13th check”
  • $3 billion for creation of the Texas University Fund
  • $1.1 billion for public ISD school safety
  • $691 million in community college funding, tied to education and workforce outcomes rather than enrollment


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Upcoming Dates

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  • August 17: State of the County Luncheon featuring Tarrant County Judge Time O’Hare [More info]
  • September 7: Leaders in Government featuring Congressman Roger Williams[More info]
  • October 6: Mayor Mattie Parker’s State of the City[More info]
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