Meet the Candidates: Fort Worth City Council

The filing deadline has passed for candidates wishing to seek local office in 2023, finalizing the field of candidates who will appear on the ballot this spring. Two new Fort Worth City Council districts have been created to expand the elected representation of the city’s residents. Get to know the districts and the candidates below.


  • Mattie Parker, incumbent
  • Alyson Kennedy
  • Jennifer Castillo
  • Ken Bowens
  • Adrian Divine Smith

District 2 – North Central Fort Worth

  • Carlos Flores, incumbent

District 3 – Southwest Fort Worth

  • Michael Crain, incumbent

District 4 – North Fort Worth

  • Teresa Ramirez Gonzalez
  • Charles Lauersdorf

District 5 – Far East Fort Worth

  • Gyna Bivens, incumbent
  • William McKinley Jackson
  • Bob Willoughby

District 6 – South Fort Worth

  • Jared Williams, incumbent
  • Italia De La Cruz
  • Tonya Carter

District 7 – Northwest Fort Worth

  • Caleb Backholm
  • Jason Ellis
  • Macy Hill

District 8 – Central-South Fort Worth

  • Chris Nettles, incumbent

District 9 – Central Fort Worth

  • Elizabeth Beck, incumbent
  • Pamela Boggress
  • Jason Pena
  • Chris Reed

District 10 – Far North Fort Worth, newly-created district

  • Alan Blaylock, incumbent councilmember from District 4
  • Brandon Jones

District 11 – East Fort Worth, newly-created district

  • Ricardo Avitia
  • Rick Herring
  • Christopher Johnson
  • Jeannette Martinez
  • Tara Maldonado Wilson

To read more about each candidate, read the Fort Worth Report’s coverage of Fort Worth City Council races.

Advocacy At Work

The Fort Worth Chamber signed onto a letter with dozens of industry stakeholders including statewide trade associations, local chambers of commerce, and economic development organizations in support of economic development tools that will keep Texas competitive with the rest of the country when it comes to attracting capital-intensive investments.

Read the full letter here.



State and Local


  • February 28: Fort Worth City Council, 10 a.m.
  • March 10: Government Affairs Committee Meeting
  • March 15: Leaders in Government, featuring Governor Greg Abbott [More info]
  • March 22-23: Tarrant County Days [More info]
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